Emission-free power floating

The latest development: a maintenance-free, emission-free walk-behind trowel. This Clover battery-powered trowel enables you to power float concrete floors free of emissions. Since the driveline has a very low noise level, it is also comfortable to work with.

Controlling the electrical trowel is easy, as the experience is the same as current gas-powered machine. The ergonomic power lever gives you continuous control of the trowel speed. A temporary stop is no more a problem, since the machine is easily started, in contrary to traditional gas-powered engines. This increases the ease of use.

The battery trowel is available in two models: the CC4830e and the CM4830e. The driveline kit can be mounted on existing floating machines with proven technology. Used machinery can be easily retrofitted, yielding a significant cost reduction.

The standard driveline kit includes one battery (with standard charger). An extra battery (model CB4825) is optionally available. A separate fast-charger is also available under the name Charge-point CP3548.

  CC4830e CM4830e
Type Clover Compact Clover Motor
Mounting principle Reductor Motor flange
Matching battery CB4825
Battery technology Fireproof LiFePO4
Power 3 kW
Cooling Air-cooled
Weight (no battery) 13.4 kg 17.3 kg
Battery weight 14.4 kg
Standard charger 5 A
Fast charger 35 A (CP3548)

Clover Compact CC4830e

The CC4830e is a very compact driveline kit that minimises the total build size of the trowel. This gives advantages in narrow spaces, for example below stairs and roofs. Because the drivelin kit is mounted on the existing reductor, this model is very suitable for, among others, edge power trowels.

Clover Motor CM4830e

The CM4830e is a driveline unit that is used as a replacement for the existing gasoline-powered engines. The CM4830e can be mounted on existing machines that are provided with a mounting flange with studs. This unit is suited for trowels with a protecting cage.

Clover Battery CB4825

The CB4825 is a battery meant for the Clover driveline kits. This battery uses state-of-art Lithium LiFePO4 technology, with a fire-proof chemical composition. This ensures maximum safety for the operator. In the case of an empty battery, it can be unplugged by means of a simple move on the two sturdy grips. Every Clover battery is equipped with a SOC (State Of Charge) indicator, showing the actual discharge state. This allows the operator to check at any moment if a battery is charged, even when it is not mounted on a machine.

Clover Charge-Point CP3548

The CP3548 is a fast charging system with a battery docking. With this fast-charger, CB4825 batteries can be charged in a short time, allowing non-stop working. The connector is positioned at the same point as on the trowel. This gives the advantage that there are no loose cables. The charging connector is protected against dust, dirt and water ingress, which is a great advantage at construction sites. With the sturdy grip, the fast-charger can easily be moved. The chargepoint is powered by 230VAC, which is available on most sites.

Clover Charger CH3548

The CH3548 is a compact fast-charger. The fast-charger ensures short charging times for CB4825 batteries. This enables non-stop working. Thanks to the compact dimensions, it can be easily stowed away. The charger is powered by 230VAC which is available on most sites.


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